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1925 - 1927 Thelma and Juanita Austin

In 1925, after Keeper Austin and his wife passed away, their daughter, Thelma, petitioned the government for appointment as Keeper of the lighthouse, citing her knowledge and experience helping her father her whole life.

Her reasoning “...we (Thelma and sister, Juanita) had a sacred duty to perform: to promulgate the heroic work which our parents started.” Her petition was granted, and Thelma served as keeper of the lighthouse with Juanita as assistant.

In 1928, the light was electrified which eliminated the need for a federal employee.  Management of the light was turned over to the City of Los Angeles.   So, as it turned out, Thelma and her sister Juanita were the last Keepers at Pt. Fermin.  The first two Keepers were women and the last two Keepers were women. 

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